Shooting Sports Weekend

Shooting Sports weekend is a combined outing with both Royal Rangers and the Boy Scouts of America to promote the sport of shooting while emphasizing the safety aspects of pistols, shotguns, .22 rifles and black powder rifles. This 3 day event (usually Friday afternoon/evening until Sunday) is held at the Pemigewasset Fish and Game Club in Holderness NH and starts off with setting up camp on a Friday evening to get ready for a full Saturday of shooting.


Saturday starts off with the presentation of the colors and then its off to one of the shooting sessions. One session is dedicated to helping the boys learn how to handle a shotgun and how to shoot a flying clay pigeon. This is a fun event that teaches eye-hand coordination and concentration while learning how to lead the flying target and take the best shot. Another session is the pistol range, where the boys learn the ins and outs of how to safely handle and fire a 9mm pistol, usually taught by professional instructors from the Sig Arms Academy.