Fall Trace 2006

Welcome Brothers! As I sit back and reflect over this years Trace I am noticing a pattern of giving which is a great thing to behold. Well here goes the Tale of this years Trace. Grinning Cub - smGrinning Cub


Upon arriving it was nice to see Wooly Bear, Moose Call, Grin ‘n’ Cub and Firebird all looking at me with their now familiar looks of astonishment. I traveled over and at the end of the road my trailer (tipi pole carrier) collapsed rendering me at a crawl to get in. With their help my tipi was set up in short order (over a tree, they said to preserve nature, I think it could have been preserved outside just as well). We had some excellent vittles and more Brothers showed up.


Mmmmm. Food.Mmmmm. Food.


Saturday after Breakfast (Breakfast is capitalized as in FCF it is an event) Peter “Pathfinder” Gilcrest, Southern New England FCF President and now Regional FCF Rep. declared our morning devotional and after Prayer the events ensued. Wooly Bear told everyone we had a lot to do in order to get all the events done, so we all mosied over to the firing range for a primitive shoot. Station one was to shoot down the edge of an ax blade splitting the bullet and breaking a target on each side (Moose Call showed us how to do this). Next was an FCF card turned sideways (thin) and attempt to cut it. After several hang fires Caterpillar’s shot cut the card, followed by Firebird with his pea shooter declaring his bullet was half the size (also said he is now sighted in for next year). Flint and Steel

Flint and Steel


To follow this was a series of X patterned strings to be broken with a single shot (no one did this, but a lot of talk that the strings were flexing out of the way).Next was a series of three bowling pins at different distances, if you shot the first you could continue until you missed. Last man standing was Moose Call who hit all three. Lastly was a fry pan but instead of just hitting it, Wrong Pole decided first thing it had to go. So he unleashed his cannon (and it was too.. .68 Cal who’s lead was so big….) and promptly broke the handle clean off. Lunch was followed by more competition for those contending for the Scout and Assistant positions. We then conducted our chapter business meeting, (see separate report ) then dinner. Evening service was an excellent time, Firebird led worship and Pathfinder once again led us in the Word of the Lord. With time almost done the Young Bucks were asked to Pray for one of the Old Timers, then reverse. Then we all prayed for Pathfinder to have safe travels on his way home.


Council Fire

Council Fire


Evening was quiet… except for the maruding bands of animals who kept dropping pinecones on the dining fly… Sunday we had our morning devotion led by Rick “Doc” Varney, Firebird led worship joyful as always. Then we announced the new Scout was Jake “Caterpillar” Blake, and the Assistant was Dan “Featherfoot” Richard. Also Wooly Bear preformed the ceremony to present Red Oak with his Buckskin advancement, taking the name of Red Oak to be permanent. Thus the event was almost completed except for the industry of Wooly Bear, Moose Call and Doc who all helped fix my broken trailer… only to have the hitch on the car break before I got home…Well there is always next year…I said that after they told me the primitive shoot wasn’t scored like golf…I would have won…