Tim Hatch

FCF Historian
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 Tim Hatch was born in Shirley, Massachusetts in July 1970. He grew up in a Christian home and started attending Fryeburg Assembly of God in 1987 and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior soon after. It was here he met my wife, proposed to her, married her, and dedicated their two daughters Katy and Lizzie. He started in Rangers in 1991 but didn’t understand it as a ministry until he took the training. In 1998 he joined FCF and in 2004 was appointed vice President. In 2006 he was appointed King’s Pine chapter President. He is currently at the Wilderness Rating.




He has worked finishing concrete floors, some fire fighting (volunteer), an auto technician for 4 years plus college, has a CDL (B) with passenger endorsement and currently works for Dearborn Precision Tubular Products.